Commercial Roofing

If you are a property manager or own a building, then one of the most important decisions you probably may experience in your life is to hire a really good roofing contractor. For this, your decisions should be backed up by careful research and planning.

flat roof commercialOur main goal is to provide you with a roofing system that is a perfect fit for the needs of your building since we believe that a roof is a very integral and one of the most vital part of a building’s structure.

Durability and cost are a few of the important factors to consider when deciding on a new roof system although other things such as energy efficiency, environmental impact and overall functionality also should be thoroughly thought about as well.

We provide all aspects of commercial roofing whether it’s just a maintenance project, a new roof installation, restoration or re-roofing. Our roofing professionals will provide a free roof assessment and then sit down with you to formulate an ideal solution for your budget and roof. Besides a new roofing system, we do offer a very affordable preventative maintenance plan in order to enhance the long-term value, long-life and safety of your property. To guarantee satisfaction, our project managers will always be in touch with you throughout the duration of the project.


Commercial Services:

New Roofs                         General Contractor

Re Roofing                         Emergency Roofing Services

Roof Repairs                      Preventative Roofing Maintenance

Roof Inspections              Weatherproofing & Waterproofing


Sustainable Roof Solutions

In the spirit of sustainable development, we offer you sustainable and cost effective roofing solutions. We have “cool” and “green” roofing systems that are energy efficient, and eco-friendly; the most important thing to remember is that we help in upgrading and optimizing your roofing system by integrating it with the newest but proven technologies. As with any continuously evolving industry, you should know that the roofing industry keeps on coming up with ever more eco homesophisticated innovations each year. We take exceptional pride in being a leading provider of sustainable roof solutions. Moreover, our aim is not only to provide you with vital roofing services, each project that we do secures and prolongs the lifespan of the building that benefits its inhabitants and community.

Besides helping cut down the building’s impact on the environment, our sustainable roof enables you to utilize energy more efficiently. This is due to just a few of the energy-efficient roofing systems we offer:

Energy Star-rated Built-up roofing Systems

Self-adhering roofing systems

Reflective roof coatings

And more


The scope of our services applies to all types of commercial properties, including but not limited to:

commercial roofBar



Gas station




Shopping mall

Besides these establishments we also can provide services to industrial properties, storage complex, parking, government buildings, educational facilities, houses of worship, etc.